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A Recpetion is only "Successful" if YOU ARE HAPPY about the way it turned out.

Planning is essential in creating the Perfect Wedding.

Money is always a factor inany wedding. Get the most out of the money you invest in your special day.


Bringing an element of fun to your reception is easy when you add different activities to your special day. We are only limited by your imagination.

This is a fun, exciting, yet scary time for You and your fiancée, as you begin the planning process of your wedding. I would like to introduce you how a professional DJ/Entertainer can help take away the scary part, and assist you in the organization, planning, and execution of your dream wedding reception.

Allow us to address the following for your wedding day:

  • How we begin entertaining your guests before the bride and groom arrive.
    • (Hint... it has nothing to do with music.)
  • How we create an atmosphere that makes people want to dance.
  • The technique we use that ensures your guests will hear all announcements.
  • How we can keep guests from looking at their watch, or even wanting to.
  • How 5%-10% of the reception budget affects 67% of the success of the reception.
  • What the bridal magazines don't tell you. Because they can't!


We don't just "SHOW UP" for your wedding, we dedicate a significant amount of time to ensure that everything for your wedding is PERFECT.

Here's a sample breakdown of the time we dedicate to helping plan your special wedding day.

Site Appointment - ½ to 1 Hour

No one likes surprises on their wedding day.  I will go to the site of the reception to personally meet with you, and or the manager or director, to ensure that the site will be set up to most effectively accommodate your musical needs.  The last thing you want is the dance floor 50 feet away from where they plan on the entertainment setting up.  Your guests would really not appreciate the sound levels that would be required to get optimal sound on the dance floor if there was that much space in between.

First Appointment – 1½ to 2 Hours

Establishing a relationship of trust is very important.  Getting to know you, your fiancée, your desires, dreams, and goals for your one-of-a-kind wedding reception is vital to the overall success of the event.  This appointment is where we begin the planning process, starting the framework of identifying what you want to happen, how and when at your event.

Second Appointment – 1½ to 2 Hours

An entire reception cannot be planned in one sitting, there is obviously time needed to cultivate and plan ideas and suggestions.  We will meet with you at least once more before the wedding to make sure we have everything covered.

Music Research - ½ to 1 Hour

Finding those requests in our library, testing each selection to guarantee it works, and setting them in the foremost section of our case to make sure they are readily accessible at your reception.

Creation of Reception Itinerary / Scripts
1 to 2 Hours

This is where the planning sessions and research come together on paper.  Your wedding reception, laid out and all aspects of it scripted and rehearsed to ensure you get the kind of day you want to happen.

Creation of Custom Backup CD 1 to 1½ Hours

We wish to assure you that we have the musical selections you are in need of and have requested in your wedding planning and consultations.  Although we monitor the conditions of our music very carefully, in the event of an accidental drop or other misfortune that might damage a CD rendering it unplayable at your event, we will custom create a backup CD with all your musical selections.  With that backup CD on site, there will be no chance of not being able to play the special songs you have requested.  For legal reasons, we are unable to give you this CD after the reception is concluded.

Location Setup 1 to 2 Hours

We will always be set up and ready to perform before your guests arrive.  We understand how distracting it would be to have us trying to check the levels of the sound while your guests are trying to converse prior to the wedding.

Performance 3 to 6 Hours

We make it Fun, Memorable, and One-Of-A-Kind.

Pre-Load, Drive, Unload, Teardown 2 to 4 Hours

Many people don’t realize that the time it takes time to get everything loaded in and out of our trailer, as well as the time it takes to get to your reception, is time that we are dedicating to your day.

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