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What Makes A Successful Reception?


  Planning a wedding doesn't have to be as stressful as people tend to make it!

by Marc Taylor of Shellimark Entertainment

Approach your wedding and reception planning with the right Attitude, armed with the right Information, and your day will be a beautiful occasion.
All too often, I meet with brides and they are losing sleep months before the wedding; worrying about all the details, about what could go wrong, about who they might forget to invite, etc.  I have found, over the last 10+ years of doing DJ & MC work at weddings, that there is Never a time for all this worry!  Start to think logically about it and you will realize the following statement is true:
"The Only Events That Really Matter On Any Wedding Day Are: "I DO" and "Signing The Marriage Certificate", The Rest Of The Day Is An Excuse To Have A Party!"
Now try to think about the last party you planned, did you lose sleep if someone from school or work wasn't going to be able to come roast a few marshmallows up in the mountains with the rest of the group?  Did you worry about whether or not there would be enough soda for everyone?  Were you concerned that the paper plates didn't match the paper cups, or the paper towels you were using for napkins.  I would dare say that you weren't concerned too much about it, because, "hey, they're just my friends."  Your wedding reception really should fall under the same amount of concern, because, "hey, they're just your friends."
Now that you are thinking back, think about the last wedding reception you attended (that you weren't involved in), try to answer the following questions:
* What was the color scheme of the reception?
* What was the food served (besides cake)?
* What flavor was the cake?
* What color were the napkins?
* Did you have the opportunity to dance?
Any bride will be able to answer all the questions about her particular wedding, but probably can't answer all of them about even her best friend's wedding.  As I think back to a wedding I attended the week prior to writing this article, I can only answer one.
Don't get me wrong, I am not saying things like decorations, catering, music, are not important, they are all a piece of the whole event.  My point is:  Not one of your invited guests should be there to critique your tableware or catering selections, they should be, and are there to, join with you as you celebrate your choice to marry the person you have.
All too often, most of the stress involved in the planning process is due to brides trying to make everyone else happy.  My mom wants this, His mom wants that, grandma needs this, Aunt whoever will expect that.  NONE OF THIS MATTERS!  It's YOUR party, done YOUR way.  It should happen the way YOU want it to happen.  Communication is your key to success here.  Tell them how you want to celebrate your day. © 2009 Privacy Policy